champions league


out! from behind the couch, stop pacing the room, biting your nails, walking the dog or feeding the cat, the WHISTLE has went!  the pounding hardcore heartbeat will fade, until the next time we want to visit the priest for confession. 


we don’t do stoically heroically nothingness, we stare dotingly at glorious failure, crumble to embarrassment, or a firework defeat, boring isnt us.  


credit card cleared, flight scanner booked-marked, conversations of a midday in madrid, lounging in london, hostelling by the rhine, an easy passage out the group, that we are dressed for the company that we are going to keep or at least have a demob suit to keep up appearances.   


the lucky ones leave work, others listen in traffic jams, some sit at non descript desks facing bland screens, a break in boredom of answering calls, pressing F5 over and over, then we scream, together


ah naw , barcelona……!


Author: kevin graham

Too many years chasing football, music and ignoring the good things in life.

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