The Supporters Clubs


It doesn’t matter how supporters clubs are born.

Whether in the back rooms of bars or when it outgrows cars.

The spirit is in the foundation.

The spirit is in togetherness.

That togetherness creates a whole to what you feel as one.

Community is togetherness.

It’s the togetherness celebrating league wins and Hampdens in the sun.

It’s the togetherness in sharing the sorrow of defeats.

It’s the togetherness that makes these seem not too bad.

It’s the togetherness that sees the creation of a second family.

One that shares birthdays, weddings, births, deaths, laughter and tears.

It’s the togetherness in going to the game supporting the cause.

Since the brake clubs through to today we stand behind our banners of togetherness.

Celtic gave us inspiration and we return with the spirit of our fathers and communities.

That togetherness is there and always will be there.

It’s this togetherness that means we are more than a club.

It doesn’t matter how a supporters club is born.

Once born it never walks alone.


Author: kevin graham

Too many years chasing football, music and ignoring the good things in life.

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