Take You Down To Our Paradise, City

All we wanted was a goal,

maybe a crunching tackle, like days of old.

You know the type?

A leveller

the introduction that you’re going to get a game.


But we got so much more.


We took the storm from the sky,

brought it to the park,

the city defence found,

the swirling rain easier to mark


With no little skill,

coupled with the passion of fighting lovers

we made a mockery of money

and the belittling attitudes of others.



We started to dream that we would have a Scott McDonald,

a Massimo Donati or a Chris Sutton

even a Darius Dziekanowski,

winning this time,to send us home buzzing.


But we got enough to make the result an afterthought.


As the stentorian support roared

louder as it grew darker

a priceless 12th man ( that Arab dollars can’t buy)

the spirit of fireworks exploding in a box

delivered a bloody nose.


The knockout blows,

as celebrated by a bronze Caeser

holding the big cup skywards,

are in the past but are remembered on nights like these.


When the players grow into the hoops

go eye to eye

and are defiant,

standing on the shoulders of historical giants.

Written to ‘celebrate’ on of the best Champions League nights Celtic Park has ever bore witness and breathed life to. First published on Celtic Quick News. 


Author: kevin graham

Too many years chasing football, music and ignoring the good things in life.

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