The Scarf

As i grab my scarf, from the place it’s lovingly kept,

Decide what knot will hang round my neck,

Walk out the door to be become a suspect


That i will offend someone, somewhere

Cause i’ve decided what scarf to wear,

meeting my friends and paying bus fare,


As we travel we can’t have a beer

Cause wearing a scarf is something to fear

It will cause me to sing what you don’t want to hear,


At a stadium, entered with an overpriced ticket

Canny buy a pint and standing is prohibit

Details stored as a potential trial exhibit


As i’m filmed eating my pie,

Discussing defeats, or players gone by

Celebrating a goal or rueing chances denied


I may offend in the same clothes i wore

That morning, when i went through the door

To the cashline and trainers on the bookies floor


But without the scarf i’m not a danger

To societies fabric or a potential major

Criminal, as i’m showing no signs of bad behaviour


As my scarf is lying where it’s lovingly kept

A criminal noose not round my neck

Only football fans are suspects.

Written about how football fans are criminalised under the Offensive Behaviour Act. First published on Celtic Quick News


Author: kevin graham

Too many years chasing football, music and ignoring the good things in life.

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