Wales & Gareth Bale

It’s always Wales and Gareth Bale

From the first time I stepped into tartan army boots –

Timberlands, off course –

To suffer defeat

During a snowstorm

With breaks for sleet

It was so cold –

But not cold enough –

To change my mind

That following Scotland

Would be worthwhile a pastime.

Now it’s Wales and Gareth Bale again

Illuminating Euro twenty sixteen

Where we lost the invite

Despite having it in our hands

It’s not your faith of our fathers

Blond hair, beards or the dancing

It’s not non scoring strikers

Scoring goals that will have a million youtube hits

Shown forever more

Like Van Bastens in eighty eight

Could Scotland not have this fate?

It’s that you are daring to dream

Bridesmaids being the bride

While we seem to fail

Slipping into the comfortable slipper

Of a forgotten football nation –

We gave the world the game you know? –

Left with nostalgia

And nothing else,

A Collins gallus wink,

Narey toe-poke,

McStay in ninety two,

A Uruguayan heartbreak,

A night in Genoa

The aching for glorious failure, again

It’s always Wales and Gareth Bale

I wish that night had been colder.   


Author: kevin graham

Too many years chasing football, music and ignoring the good things in life.

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