Kenny In The Green

You grew up in Ibrox’s shadow

with their heroes on your wall

that all changed

in the glorious May

when Sean Fallon called.


You were now Kenny of Celtic

the best there’s ever been

the jungle roared loudest

when you wore the green.


Your arrival was announced

in a place you knew so well

memories of support


with a gallus


to tie your lace

then choose your place

to stroke the penalty home.


From boghead to brockville

you turned patchy parks to gold

breezing by defenders




close control unrivalled

the celts roared

at the sight

of you

rounding numerous goalies

dancing with ease

a red cheeked wonder

who we didn’t want to leave.


We never tired of you

taking the acclaim

with a smile

as wide as the clyde

all boyish looks,

foppish hair

Arms up

palms wide

reaching for the stars

when the stars

should have been reaching for you.


You were as close to perfect

as we have ever seen

Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish

or King Kenny in the Green.

Published in the book Kenny Of The Celtic 


Author: kevin graham

Too many years chasing football, music and ignoring the good things in life.

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