The Book That Never Ends

Turn the page

Let the chapter write itself

There is always room for more celebration

No need to compare past glories

All have merits in daylight

Or LED light

None diminish with age

Memories are not shipwrecks on the shore

They always sail

Scott Brown will always be 400 not out

Playing the best football of his career

Scott Sinclair will always be wonderful

And magical

Moussa Dembele will always be holding up three figures celebrating

Mikael Lustig will always have his top over his head like the Turin shroud

Tom Rogic will always score that last minute winner

Kieran Tierney will always play like a wean

Chasing a ball

Trophies number 100,101 and 102 will always be inVIncible

We will always be inVIncible

Ten men will always win the league,

And Lisbon Lions will always win the lot

The chapters all have full stops

But the book never ends.


Author: kevin graham

Too many years chasing football, music and ignoring the good things in life.

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