Scotsman Fanzone: 12th September

Well, the three ringed circus came into town and it didn’t disappoint. There was the confusing as both set of ‘fans’ indulged in behaviour that make those of right mind shake their heads in bemusement.


The engrossing came in the form of Celtic, shorn of their talisman, who without hitting previous attacking heights scored five goals and saw Moussa Dembele score a perfect hat-trick.


The amusing came when reviewing utterances from players who seem to think playing in Scotland is an easy way to retire.

So, onto the Nou Camp, a home from home in Europe over the last 10 years. The term underdog will not be under used or under-valued as we walk onto the field. This a different level to anything we have faced this season. No need for a reality check just a miracle.  


the penalty


the tension, more knots in my stomach, than defenders legs, after facing patrick roberts, fear under the floodlights, he’s stepping up but you’re sitting down, burying your face hard into your hands which tell the story of the day.  

milk and fig soap, sweat and half time pie. you attempt to drill your face deeper to a calm place but can’t block out the noise, that bustle of energy, cheers and song to moussa dembele, that’s piercing the night air, only adds to the fear.

the whistle blows, the crowd inhales of a drowning man, then a silence, most respectful, grabs hold of the air, stillness, amid the chaos, before an atomic flash, enthrals then terrifies you with the reality that some time in the future, at the same time, at the same place, we will need to feel this all again. i’ll make sure my hands smell better next time.